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Enoteca con Cucina

Ricerca e Degustazione, hence the acronym RED. As the discovery of new flavors in the tradition of the rich Italian food and wine culture. Spaces designed in the smallest details invites you to relax and take a break from the fast passing of time.

RED was born to defend and promote the “Made in Italy” through the innovative proposal of traditional products.


Refined delights

For those who want to take a moment for themselves and beyond. From breakfast to dinner, our cuisine offers tasty dishes with seasonal products, local products and the rest of Italy.

We like food, the diversity of food, just like you.

Not only spirits

We are looking for something different from the ordinary, selecting labels from small wineries with the most famous names and classic, both domestic and foreign.

From classic cocktails to organic juices, juices, infusions, …

… to excellent spirits, our flags in the field of spirits.



In Italy, every district dedicated to the production of wine can boast at least one of its vines, a variety that uniquely characterizes it. There are many companies that, aware of this extraordinary heritage, have invested in research, vineyards and winery technologies to obtain great wines and spirits from native, ancient or minor vines. Tastings are dedicated to them to tell, glass by glass, stories of unique territories and brave winemakers, in love with their grapes.

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We are located in Via G.B. Moroni 63, in the historic center of Bergamo.

+39 035 529 7989

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.

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